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10th Muharram Messages in Urdu

Oh Father You Had Told Me When I Was Younger
There Would Come A Time When We Would Arrive In Karbala
A Caravan So Full With Brothers, Nephews And Your Sons
But How It Would Be Massacred And Be So Empty
I Never Thought That This Could Be So,
Where Would My Abbas Be?
Oh Ali What Has Now Happened

10th Muharram Messages in English

The Tortures That I’ve Faced The Insults That Have Been Thrown
They Snatched Away My Veil Father, My Hair Was Shown
How Much Will We Have To Suffer And Go On In Pain?
Oh Ummah Do You Not Remember We Are Ahlul Bayt
That Adhaan You Hear Now Yazid,
Talks About My Grandfather

10th Muharram Messages in Hindi

When Hind Came Down Into The Cells To See The Commotion
She Came To Find The Reasons For Our Sufferings And Our Plight
Oh Prisoners What Have You Done To Deserve This Treatment
Then She Remembered That She Had Seen, My Face Before
Oh Lady Zainab It Can’t Be,
Are My Eyes Deceiving Me
Oh Ali What Has Now Happened

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